Royal Regard


Bella Humphrey has escaped the horrors of her past and is now comfortably married to Myron Clewes, Baron Holsworthy.  Although an older man, she esteems him greatly and with the exception of the absence of children her life is relatively good. That is, until she meets not one but two Dukes that she is irresistibly drawn to. Myron is no fool and wishes to see her happy, so to secure this he proposes a very unusual contract with Nick Northrope, Duke of Wellbridge. Lord Adolphe Fouret, Monsieur le Duc de Malbourne is a dark and sinister man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and Bella is once again unwillingly a pawn in the game of men.


The Duke of Wellbridge is witty, charming and seductive. It is easy to despise him and desire him at the same time while Bella and her cousin Charlotte are two characters that carry a great deal of the story and are immensely entertaining. It begins with a lighter tone yet once the morose side of Malbourne and his deceitful plots come to light the story changes to a much darker one. The reader takes a captivating step into the regency era but at times with far too much emphasis to details and can occasionally want to step back out. Containing decadent flirting and wicked charm it is quite easy to regard and enjoy this book!


Margaret Faria