A Rogue’s Autumn Bride (The Rogue Chronicles #6)


Sarah Ramsey is very happy with her job as a lady’s companion, and she knows she should be grateful. When she came to London, she found herself in danger that ruined her reputation. Her employer respects her and decides that she should be in charge of planning a charity ball for wounded soldiers. It turns out she will be co-planner with Captain Harry Clarke. He fought for his country and lost his leg in battle. Sarah treats him as a person and recognizes his bravery. They find themselves growing attached. While in the midst of planning the ball, they also find themselves embroiled in the same dangerous scam that Sarah found herself in when she first arrived in London. They will need each other to find the villains and protect other women from danger.

This is one of those rare historical romances that shows the characters falling in love and truly supporting each other. It is refreshing to witness a more realistic love story that begins with getting to know each other, developing a mutual respect that leads to a great passionate love. This book does touch on some sensitive themes such as sex trafficking, PTSD, and wounded soldiers. The suspenseful scenes make for a fast pace which will have readers reading it in one sitting! But it is the characters that truly shine. Both Sarah and Harry struggle with their pasts and how those in their family treat them. Finding each other brings about healing and recognizing their worth. Those who have not read any other books by this author will want to add all of her books to their to be read lists!

Amanda Hupe