The Righteous Side of Wicked


Treva MacDougall is on the run from the executioners who are determined to stop her from reaching her cousin. Finding her way onto a pirate ship wasn’t hard but ignoring the desires she’s having for the ship’s captain is proving difficult. Coire Fletcher doesn’t trust women in the slightest. Being attracted to the troublesome lass who finagled her way onto his ship, however, is proving to be very difficult to ignore. The two must find a way to put their differences aside in order to work together to save the Crown.

Jennifer Bray-Weber weaves together a poetic, sensual adventure. Her words are magical in every sentence, and the historical world building immediately transports the reader into a lusciously developed setting. Separately, Coire and Treva make for intriguing characters. Each has their own richly developed past and multiple layers to their persona that make them relatable as well as real. Together, the chemistry between Coire and Treva is hot and instant. While their physical lust is apparent from the beginning, the emotional bond that grows between them is a bit slower developing and just as satisfying, making them quite the team. Add in a great adventure, and this novel has just the right pace to keep the pages turning. This is a novel highly recommended for lovers of historical political intrigue, steamy romance, and a classic pirate adventure with great characters!

Chelsea Anderson