The Resurrection of Lady Ramsleigh


A sudden shipwreck near Castle Black brings Dr. Nicholas Warner out into a storm in search of survivors. As the villagers seek treasures washing ashore, Nicholas spots a living woman among the waves. When she is identified as the late Viola Grantham, Lady Ramsleigh, Nicholas suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery and a romance. Viola abandoned her husband to save the life of her unborn child. Yet despite the complications, she is bound and determined to reclaim her inheritance for her child. Her husbands’ nephew Randall, however, has no intention of losing the title and if that means returning his aunt to the graveyard, that is just what he will do. Nicholas has no position or power to protect Viola with, but he has to try. Viola wants to trust Nicholas, but with her past, knowing that good men exist may not be enough.

A dark historical romance, “The Resurrection of Lady Ramsleigh” is the fourth book in The Lost Lords series and contains many spoilers for previous books. As an individual work, this book is full of passion and steam, very clear-cut good and bad characters with diverse quirks and problems, and smooth writing.  As a romance, Nicholas and Viola have an almost insta-love romance, with intense attraction, and minor conflict concerning her previous marriage.  The major conflict between Viola and Randall is straightforward and predictable, but with a tension and evil surrounding it that will have the reader counting the pages until the antagonists get their comeuppance. Overall, this is a passionate historical romance that will please fans of tragic heroines who find love.

Sarah E Bradley