Rescued by Valan


As the pirate Valan attends the funeral for a fellow pirate, he wonders who will replace him. Laird MacNeil offers Valan the position of captain which he can’t refuse, but Valan doubts that he will make a good leader. Still he takes the job anyway. When Valan hears of a ship carrying treasure, he jumps at the chance to go, taking his crew with him. Unfortunately, another pirate beats him to the treasure. In searching the ship, Valan’s crew finds nothing except a highly drugged Bridget MacKay. Valan brings Bridget back to his home and cares for her until she eventually wakes up. Bridget and Valan get closer, but the secrets Bridget holds could put everyone she holds dear, especially Valan whom she has fallen in love with, in great danger.

What an exhilarating romp through the life of Scottish pirates! Usually pirates aren’t portrayed in the best light, but these pirates, despite the different morals they hold, are admirable people. The story at first is a little choppy, with some unfinished plot twists, which eventually get solved as the story unfolds. The settings, both land and sea, are written in a way that seems believable. The characters are well rounded and realistic. Bridget holds a lot of secrets and seems almost superhuman in her ability to fight off others trying to harm her. Bridget does make some bad decisions which may seem perplexing to readers, making her motivations hard to understand. Valan, the moral pirate, also makes mistakes but is endearing and lovable. Ms. Siddoway has written an enjoyable book from beginning to end!

Roslynn Ernst