The Reluctant Bride


WESTERN: Lacey Faraday is a spirited young woman with plans that do not include marriage. However, her father has arranged for her to marry the Sheriff of another Texas county. Brady Callahan is a widower with two young twin daughters who need a mother. Marrying makes sense and love has nothing to do with it. He doubts he'll be able to love anyone like he loved his first wife. Neither Callahan nor Lacey is prepared for the attraction they feel for one another, and it changes everything. As they work together to build a family, a shadow hangs over them from Lacey's past. When a chance encounter brings Lacey's past barreling into the present, will the love she and Brady have found together give them the strength to face the biggest trial of their lives?

"The Reluctant Bride" spins a heartwarming western tale with an emotional punch! In the year 1899, nineteen-year-old Lacey sees the limited possibilities for women and wants more from her life. Readers will be drawn to her passion and strength. Brady's efforts to raise his daughters and his sensitivity to his new wife appeal on all levels. This is a love story that unfolds with ease and is difficult to put down. But for all that, there are several key emotional points that deserved greater exploration, such as Lacey's willingness to marry or the first love scene given Lacey's background of having been sexually assaulted. "The Reluctant Bride" is the perfect pickup for readers who like their stories sweet with a hint of spice, and who know that everyone deserves a second chance at love!

Tricia Hill