A Regency Yuletide


Sophie Davenport is on the verge of being forced into a marriage to keep herself and her mother fed and clothed. If it were up to her, though, she’d rather be left alone to help the poor…well, the poorer than her. Jeremy Wyatt always comes up with the best—most outrageous—plans, especially after a night of drinking. However, helping his best friend “abduct” a bride and head to Gretna Green might not have been his best idea. Traveling in the middle of nowhere and getting stuck in the mud wasn’t in any of his plans, but meeting Sophie was fate, and the best part of his bad planning.


This short and cute romp through severely muddy weather in the far north of England is lighthearted fare with serious undertones. Sophie will do what is required of her, but only as a last option. She is clever enough to see possibilities, but also to know when to fold and give in. She is a fully independently-minded miss, while maintaining the fit into the Regency genre. Jeremy is her perfect foil, wealthy but not titled, as so many historicals place their heroes. He plots fun while she plots reality and seeing them find middle ground is entertaining. He and his friend are serious businessmen, however, and the way he works out being near Sophie is genius, smart business, and kindhearted all at once. While this tale won’t plumb the depths of emotion, it will leave readers sighing with happiness and closing the book with a smile, safe in the knowledge that happily ever after really does exist.


Julie York