Redirecting The Baron’s Greed (The Lords of Vice Book 4)


Baron Marcus Summerfield is seeking an audience with his cousin the Duke of Wyndmere hoping his cousin will fill his pockets so he may lead a life he feels he deserves. The duke agrees to lend him his townhouse and his connections to help him land an heiress. Phoebe, the duke’s sister, is just starting to come out of her shell as she recovers from an earlier attack on her family. Now Phoebe also is in London in search of a husband. The Baron, however, is the victim of an attack on his character by men who want the duke’s family so embroiled in scandal they won’t have time to see the smuggling activity happening on their land. Marcus may have finally found something more precious than money, but can he keep it when evil men want to destroy him and his family?

There is a large amount of background and characters introduced who are not integral to the story. Marcus is a hard hero to like, with his desire to fill his pockets and an “I deserve” attitude. Phoebe is easy to love and relate to. Her prior trauma gives her a vulnerability that she works hard to overcome. Their instant love may be hard to accept. Once the plot picks up speed and Marcus starts to show some redeeming qualities the story gets interesting. The character development is good and consistent. The intrigue and plots to discredit the family lead to much growth within the family and with each character. There is enough background that this story can easily stand alone. With growth, romance, and intrigue this historical romance will surely win readers hearts.

Cara Cieslak