To Redeem a Highland Rake: Heart of a Scot, book 2


Desperate to stop her arranged marriage to a despicable rogue, Arieen Fleming finds herself seeking scandal. When she is prevented from discovering her fiancé in flagrante, she does the next best thing: kisses a dashing and roguish highland stranger. What she doesn’t expect is her own sensual reaction to the kiss… nor her father casting her out into the streets because of it.

Care-free confirmed bachelor Coburn Wallace enjoys life to the fullest, so when the pretty lass extorts a kiss from him, he is quick to comply. But when the same lass is cast out, his first instinct is to protect her, marry her even. Arieen is loath to force a man who doesn’t love her into marriage. Can Coburn convince her that the marriage neither wanted is just the thing they both desperately need? Can love blossom?

Ms. Cameron constructs a sensual and lively story full of loveable characters, fun situations all in a lush historical setting. The heat between Arieen and Coburn is intense, even as their pride keeps them apart. Arieen’s plight is sympathetically treated, even if solutions come a little quick to hand. The side characters are fleshed out and readers of the series will be pleased to renew acquaintance with characters from the original book. A light, fun romp through the highland countryside, this is a quick, satisfying read from a gifted story-teller!

Janice Martin