Rebellions Fire (Last Flame of Alba Book 1)

Christian, the disgraced wife of William Lanson, is the heir to the Tirebeck estate in Scotland in 1156. She is a means to an end that Lanson disrespects for her scarred face and infertility. Lanson, a Norman knight and mercenary, takes his troops to fight for possession of lands presented by the King of Scots. Donald and Adam MacHeth, sons of Malcolm, refuse to relinquish the land. Adam has the gift of premonition, believing Christian is the key to holding the property. En route to fight with Donald, he takes Lanson’s wife to Tirebeck to keep her safe, and as a trade with the would-be earl. Christian believes her husband cares nothing for her well-being. Returning to her childhood home, she recalls the fire that forced her to flee at age three. Can Adam keep the land and Christian safe for his older brother?
Ms. Lancaster portrays memorable characters that fit Scotland’s times, norms, and tensions during this rebellious medieval period. Readers will savor the details needed to run an estate, taste the rain, hear the battles, and run the gambit of emotions using precise prose. Christian’s ability to adapt to an uncertain future is relatable as her inner strength shows the struggles, choices, and results. Adam, an attractive man with a powerful enigma, is drawn to Christian to fulfill the future he foresees. Their relationship forms aa a result of the casualties of war. Historical Romance lovers will appreciate the facts woven into book one and look forward to more in the Last Flame of Alba series.
Simone Dober