Rebel Warrior


It is 1072. Steinar of Talisand flees to Scotland after he is wounded in battle and William the Conqueror steals his family’s land and gives it to one of his loyal knights. He becomes the scribe of King Malcolm of Scotland while at the same time regaining his strength and prowess with the sword in secret. Catriona of the Vale of Leven joins King Malcolm’s court as one of Queen Margaret’s ladies-in-waiting after she, too, has to flee her home after it was pillaged by the Northmen after her parents' murder. While at court Catriona catches Steinar’s eye, however, she is promised to another. When Catriona’s fiancé drops her, the humiliation and heartbreak she experiences is complete. Steinar is given the chance to press his suit, but what can he give Catriona when he has nothing to give other than himself?


The author’s style of writing reminds one of the swashbuckling movies with iconic stars on the silver screen. The way the story is woven with history is so seamless that one is tempted to think that Catriona and Steinar were indeed real people living during that time. The author’s description of the battle scenes makes one feel as though they were there, the tension and excitement building and exploding the moment the archers let their arrows rain on enemy territory. A reader will be invested in the story that is definitely a good read.


MP Ceja