Rebel’s Knot (Quest for the Three Kingdoms)


Aine is a dairymaid. The people around her are convinced she has been touched by the faeries and take every opportunity to belittle her. A bad omen can’t prepare her for the devastation that will occur. The English have invaded Ireland and found their way to her master’s home. Everyone is murdered, and she is the only survivor. Niall is a soldier for Ireland, fighting against the English. A last-minute decision to visit his family leads him to heartbreak and to meeting Aine for the first time. She talks to the animals and is a teller of stories, and he is captivated. He takes her to a Rebel camp where they work with others to stand against tyranny, but there is a traitor in their midst.

It is rare to find a historical romance that will immerse readers in historically accurate language, history, and folklore. The invasion of Ireland in the 1600s is such a turbulent time. The author really nailed the authenticity of the courage and fear of this time. The suspense and treachery really make the pages fly by! And the characters—they are utterly delightful and their chemistry is palpable. Niall is the embodiment of patriotism and will not give in to the English. But his admiration of Aine is what really makes him special. She has the courage, but she just needs someone to believe in her. Good luck trying to put this book down and enjoy getting lost in a time of war, survival, and the whispers of magic.

Amanda Hupe