The Ravishing Rees (The Pirates of Britannia Book 10)


Robbie Bowlin lives a grand life as a highwayman. He takes what he wants, whether it be drink, woman, or other’s possessions, without thought or regret. The one thing he cannot put aside is how his father died a broken man, cursing the Rees family, Saban Rees in particular. Fate leads him to Wales where he is shipwrecked. Glynnis Rees, widow of one of the damnable Reeses, is done with them all. Never again will she trust a single one. Until the stranger who washes up on her shore turns out to be an identical twin of the Rees family. Much as she would like to turn him out, she finds herself wanting him. 

This is a fresh, inventive take on historical romance and one man’s “finding himself.” Ravishing Robbie hates Saban Rees, the man who destroyed his father. He is determined to find Saban and end his reign of piracy terror. Instead of getting revenge, he finds himself at the mercy of the Reeses, who claim him as one of their own. Taken in and cared for after a shipwreck, his heart puts him at the mercy of the lovely widow Glynnis.  

Their sparked interest is mutual, fast and hot. Denials are spoken, though not necessarily heeded.  The characters’ motivations are not always clear in each situation, though the language remains historically accurate for the time period. The conflict could have been slightly more defined, and there are times the characters act in ways outside of their conflict patterns.  Pirate bad guys, a fiercely independent widow, and a ravishing highwayman—the action never stops in this page-turner. 

Emerson Matthews