Purity (Diamonds of the First Water Book 2)

Sydney Jane

Purity Diamond is the second eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Diamond. Purity is known for her excellent manners and adherence to societies rules and customs. But when she breaks a small rule to look in on a painting unsupervised, she meets the infamous Lord Matthew Foxford. Lord Foxford is known for his many indiscretions and he’s exactly the sort of gentleman Purity would never choose. When Lord Foxford sets his sights on Purity as the perfect bride, he will do anything to convince her. What he never intends to do is lose his heart to her. Purity cannot politely turn away Lord Foxford’s pleas for help, and as she comes to know him, her heart becomes invested in a way her brain wishes it could deny.

Purity’s manners and grace make her the most proper of ladies. But when she is with Matthew, she feels her manners slip and she says and does things that go against all she’s studied in her manner books. It is hard to believe she would be grateful for Matthew’s experience in the bedroom and that she would accept his advances so easily when his indiscretions are against all polite manners. And yet the spark and passion when they are together is a living breathing thing tugging at the reader from the pages. The storyline shows great character development as Matthew becomes more civilized and Purity learns to trust what they are building together. But when Matthew’s final secret is revealed and accepted quickly it seems out of character, and leaves the reader waiting for more. A fun passionate read historical romance fans are sure to enjoy.

Cara Cieslak