Proud Mary (Roxton Family Saga #7)


Lady Mary Cavendish is destitute. Unable to inherit her land because she is a female, her late husband has placed her fate in the hands of a squire, and made her neighbor Christopher Bryce steward of the estate. He is to watch over the farm until the rightful heir is of age. Lady Mary is expected to marry again, to a man worthy of her station and upbringing. Christopher is merely a squire. He has always had feelings for Mary but will Mary reciprocate? Mary is all about doing her duty, and her duty is not to fall for the Squire that oversees her household. When she receives a marriage proposal from another, she has very little time to work out her confused feelings for Christopher. Will she choose her heart or her duty?

The forbidden romance aspect of "Proud Mary" will prove alluring to fans of that trope, and the conflict between Mary’s position and Christopher’s station and his past is intriguing. However, the romance is the true star of the book. With a solid plot and compelling characterization this seventh installment of the Roxton Family Saga has a lot to offer. Although the book is a part of a series it reads well as a stand-alone. The narrative is a bit stilted at first and the book itself is quite lengthy (almost 600 pages) but the time invested is well worth the effort. “Proud Mary” is an engrossing, heart-warming romance that will delight readers and have them seeking out the other books in the series. 

Jessica Samuelsen