The Promise of Home: A Hearthfire Scottish Historical Romance, book 3

Michele Paige

Newlyweds Katie and Collin MacDonald have already had their fair share of danger and turmoil on their way to the altar. Now they face their next big adventure: leaving their beloved Scotland for the promised land of Nova Scotia. Can their newfound love survive when threatened by Katie’s fragile health, a shipwreck, and the dangers of a new wilderness?

Ian MacDonald allowed himself to be sent to the Americas as a bonded servant in his brother’s place, and there his noble sacrifice ends. Determined to return to Scotland, he plots his escape – but meeting the lovely, mysterious Elizabeth Campbell changes everything. Can a rogue changes his ways, or is it too late to outrun the past?

Ms. Holmes constructs a lively plot, blending natural dangers with human ones as her cast of likable characters navigate to a new land. Katie and Collin are expecting but take on a parental role early when they adopt Katie’s kid brother. Their struggles, both for survival and as a new couple, are both endearing and nerve wracking. Ian, in contrast, is a repentant rogue slowly rediscovering his humanity. The action is fast-paced and the setting enjoyable, though light on the descriptive world building that would really make this epic unforgettable.  The side characters, including the few villains, tend to be somewhat one-dimensional and some of the subplots are resolved with implausible ease. That said, this is a fun adventure about a new family discovering a new world, a new lease on life… and true love! 

Janice Martin