The Promise of a Highlander: Highland Bodyguards Book 5


Helena has always had visions.  She has kept this ability a secret, fearing the reaction of others. When her latest warns that her own life is in danger she escapes to the Highlands. Logan MacKenzie is the one to rescue Helena from a snowstorm.  He has vowed to protect her,  and his feelings for her deepen as time goes on. For her part, Helena hopes she can share her secret with him, but Logan is afraid that his past will be the thing that tears them apart. Helena's past catches up to her and she is faced with a decision that will determine the rest of her life. She and Logan face a difficult battle, and must learn to trust one another in order to live happily ever after.

The Highland Bodyguards series features just that: sexy Scotsmen who win over the women they love under the toughest of circumstances. “The Promise of a Highlander” is a well-plotted installment,  with a strong male and an equally strong female lead. The dialect is precise and well researched, as are the descriptions and settings. Emma Prince writes in such a way that readers will want to finish the book in one sitting, with action, drama, and love scenes that are passionate, sensual and very steamy. "The Promise of a Highlander" is a delight for the imagination and an excellent addition to the Highland Bodyguards series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick