Primo: A Stage Play: Auschwitz through the lens of time

In 1987, famous author and holocaust survivor, Primo Levy fell down the stairs of his homeand unfortunately passed away. That last day of his life is the beginning of this powerfulstage play: a fictitious reimagining of the final moments of his life. Take a trip through timeas Primo re-lives some of the most terrible experiences of his life. Through this voyage ,particularly his time at Auschwitz, he will reexamine what remains of his humanity and find the answer to one that plagues almost all people: was his life enough? Did his work make a difference? Could he have done something better?
“Primo” is an emotional and powerful experience that reminds one of the depth of the human soul and what it takes to break it. Forever haunted by his past life in the concentration camp Auschwitz, during World War II, Primo finds himself reliving certain events in full on his last day of life. Mr. Davidson captures this beautifully, seamlessly interweaving flashbacks with Primo’s present. A rollercoaster of emotions takes place over the course of this play. Each trip back in time is impactful and well chosen. Some are disturbing, reminding listeners of the horrors of the holocaust. Listeners will be left thinking about “Primo” long after it is over and will leave them questioning and reevaluating their own lives.
All of the actors present have strong performances! Each connects with their character and the events taking place in the scene, adding to the drama and intensity of the emotions they are experiencing. The whole production is well timed, having the perfect length for the content and good pacing. There’s some light music incorporated with scene breaks that help build the atmosphere, and a few stage sound effects are used tastefully that add to the fullness of the production. This is a great listen for lovers of history!
Chelsea Andersen