Pride of Duty – Men of the Squadron, Book 2

Andrea K.

Willa "Wills" has worked as a physician's assistant on English Navy ships alongside her father all her life, disguised as a young man! After her father’s death, Cullen MacLeod is assigned to serve as the replacement physician. Their initial meeting starts off rocky as he has no clue the sullen lad working as his assistant and his on-board roommate is actually a young woman. Cullen’s complaint of the deceased physician son’s attitude towards him in a letter to his aunt results with him learning Willa's real gender, and his familial and gentlemanly duty to marry her. Spies, duty, fears, and Napoleon's exile all must be overcome before the two can explore a new life together. 

"Pride of Duty" sets sail as a voyage of secrets and intrigue on the high seas of romance. The unique twists of gender roles and expectations, along with the added thrill of spies and betrayals make this a tale readers will find very enjoyable. It is a story of how a dutiful marriage’s success depends on building trust to match the passion. The inspiration of not allowing the obstacles of society’s norms hold back a young lady’s spirit or a young man’s ambition will have readers turning the pages to see if a happily ever after is just what the doctor orders. Interesting characters, mysterious villains, exhilarating schemes, and an exiled monarch, all come together to crash a complicated love affair on the rocks. Andrea K. Stein’s romantic and insightful tale of how a rocky start, a gentleman’s duty, a lady’s undeniable intellect, and fiery desire are the right prescription for an interesting and unforgettable love story.

Tonya Mathenia