Plunder by Knight (Pirates of Britannia #7)


Katherine Bingham is an English lady by birth, but an Irish lass by inclination. The intrepid daughter of Connacht Governor Richard Bingham and the most hated enemy of Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley is drawn to Grace’s grandson, the refreshingly thoughtful Thomas Esmonde, at first sight. Their instant attraction makes a complicated situation worse — occurring in the midst of conflicting loyalties, double crosses, treason, rebellion, and the hunt for ancient treasure. Except for Katherine, the main characters are based on actual historical figures from the Elizabethan era, considered the Golden Age of English history during the Tudor period. 

“Plunder by Knight” starts with the legend of Pirate King Arthur MacAlpin in the year 854 before quickly moving forward to Ireland in 1574, then England decades later. Mia Pride’s meticulous research infuses this swashbuckling bodice-ripper rendered in the context of the adventurous times of Sir Francis Drake with an immersive quality. That layered reading experience, combined with a focused, fresh spin on the assertive actions of the female characters offers readers a satisfying historical pirate romance with updated themes of female empowerment, minus the problematic forced seductions of such tales from previous generations while very successfully avoiding accusations of political correctness run amok. The snappy dialogue pacing supports the escalating momentum of the action scenes. 

Fans of Dread Pirate Roberts from “The Princess Bride” and many others should enjoy this rowdy tale based upon the foundation laid in the original Pirates of Britannia connected series by Kathryn Le Veque and Eliza Knight.  

Cardyn Brooks