A Piney Woods Christmas

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When Angel's husband Danny dies, she's left behind with two children and another one on the way. But Danny hasn't really left her at all - he's still there, as a spirit watching over her and the children. His best friend Ray was with him when he died in a trucking accident and one of the last things Danny asked of him was to look after Angel and the children.
Now nine months pregnant, Angel has a dream that a large group of orphans in the nearby town needs her help. But with snow and a baby soon to be delivered, Angel might just need some help from the townsfolk.
This story combines the goodwill sentiments of Christmas and a blossoming romance between Angel and Ray. Set in Piney Woods, East Texas, the themes of forgiveness, community and family run strongly through this contemporary.
This is a charming and good-natured story that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas! Although it is an inspirational, faith-based story, it may be difficult for some Christians who cannot reconcile differing spiritual beliefs or how the afterlife is presented. There is some cussing that may offend some and the backwoods language of the text may could be off putting for some while others may see it as fitting the East Texas setting.  Still, the holiday theme, combined with a gentle romance (and a secondary romance as well), some humorous dialogue, A Piney Woods Christmas is a heartwarming and cozy read!
Jill MacKenzie