A Perfect Curse


PARANORMAL/REGENCY:  Magic and mayhem abound in this novel from Shereen Vedam, the third in the Rue Alliance series. A curse backfires and forever haunts a culture and multiple families. The Alvaro family is charged with protecting the descendants of the de Rivera family, leaving Mark as the sole male left to guard one Miss Nevara Wood. Nevara is young but determined. She desires one thing - to free herself from the curse of second sight. Free of the curse, she wishes to seek love and happiness with the man she has loved since her youth. Yet an evil is coming for Nevara, an old evil that is truly determined to destroy her. 


Sweetness best describes the characters created to be the leading couples in this novel. From Nevara to Mark, to John and Mary, to Terrance and Belle, and even Paco and wife a resounding love is expressed amongst the characters, a reminder that family is more than blood ties. Family is who is around you and who cares for you during your times of need. Nevara, Belle, and Mark stand out as strong characters due to their special abilities, yet they are also able to be vulnerable, a trait that makes them quite likable. The plot of the story is believable, yet stumbles a bit with pacing and sidetracks that draw slightly away from the overall appeal. Once on track again the story speeds up and quickly engages the reader in an intriguing battle for love and serenity. 



Penelope Anne Bartotto