Peace Lily (The Katherine Wheel #2)


After the Great War ends, Cassandra Smythe leaves the Women's Auxiliary Corps to return to her aristocratic life at Cheadle Manor.  When stuffy English society begins to choke her fiance Douglas's liberated American view, he flees to Boston and leaves Cassandra behind.  She turns to her former servant now friend, Katie Phipps. Deciding to get to help Katie and her husband Jeremy rebuild their lives, she hires Katie as her personal maid and has her accompany Cassandra across the Atlantic to win Douglas back. A whole new world of adventure and turmoil awaits them and they soon realize that friendship, respect and courage are more important than any social class standing.


"Peace Lily" is an enlightening look at two women's contributions to WWI, and the struggles they encountered after the war, while trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. This story gives a sense of the underlying unity that exists between them. Cassandra and Katie have a unique relationship that speaks volumes to the reader with emotion and conviction showing their faults and merits throughout. Although  at times the novel drags at a snail's pace, some unexpected events escalate the storyline, and excitement pushes the reader towards the end. Douglas never truly peaks as the irresistible hero yet does reveal a backbone which will win some admiration from readers. The minor league of characters who add a vibrant and intriguing element is a much added bonus. Alex Martin has written an exuberant and engaging story with not one but two heroines - both well worth the time to discover and enjoy. 


Margaret Faria