Passion’s Fire


Brig has happily spent her life in breeches and posing as the son of the armorer.  That is, until Matthew de Rowenne is assigned to once again return to Scotland and deal with political unrest.  He’s got an ambitious agenda and, coupled with a cursed family heirloom which dooms all female prospects to an untimely end, he’s got no time for romance.  Then he meets Brig and he can’t understand his very alarming attraction to the “lad”!  Especially since he knows he’s not interested in romance of that type.  It will become clear to both that fate has destined them to be together, but will the political turmoil simmering between nations drive them apart?


"Passion's Fire" is a fast and fun novella with a quick page-turning pace.  Even the slowest could read it in less than three hours.  The author gives us a clear picture of the internal and external dilemmas driving the plot and she does it seamlessly, making one want to know what’s going to happen next!  


With limited time to tell the story however, conflicts are resolved quickly, driving the readers towards a feeling of plot convenience.  Also, the believability of Matthew being aroused physically by this “lad” without a past predilection towards men, seemed somewhat of a far stretch and slightly humorous.  However, the reason might have been better revealed sooner.  Overall, a quick little literary nibble, one could easily enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon! 


Mary B Rose