The Parchment Scroll (Highland Secrets #3)


FANTASY/TIME TRAVEL:  Juliette McGowan’s sister Claire has been missing for three weeks when she suddenly shows up naked at a beach and gives Juliette a scroll. The scroll tells a story of magic, time travel, and of her sister falling in love with a man from the 17th century. She is desperate to find Claire, and luck is with her when a crazy woman offers to take Juliette to her.  She is almost entirely sure she is wasting her time, but then she too wakes up naked on a beach, and there is a Scotsman who looks delighted with her state of dress (or undress as the case may be). 


Hugh MacDonald is intrigued with the naked lass - a bit less so when he finds out that her sister is married to his enemy, but he still wants to keep her. She doesn’t look too keen on that plan. But he will surely prevail.


Time travel, magic, Highlanders, cute children, couples in love – this book has it all! However, there are some problems with the characterization. The character of Jules is not consistent. She is a detective and presented as a reasonable woman, and yet when she’s put together with Hugh, she becomes a teenager in the midst of a first crush. Hugh is somewhat better, but still doesn’t fit the image of a Highland laird. It is still a very satisfying read, with lots of handsome Highlanders (and some ethereally beautiful Fae), and a love story that will melt hearts!


Ana Smith