Our Little Secrets


When Charlotte Baldwin steps off the train in a dusty little town in nowhere, Montana, she quickly decides this is the perfect place to start over.  Running from her past and hiding from the man who follows her, Charlotte decides marrying is the best way to begin again, a new name, a new place, a new life.

Michael West is also keeping secrets.  Secrets that he won’t allow anyone near.  When he sees the pretty Charlotte step off the train, however, he decides his secrets don’t have to stop him from living his life.  A marriage of convenience to  sweet Charlotte seems the perfect way to start. Working together and growing closer, however, the couple discover the past is something that can’t be kept hidden and love is something that must be embraced.  When secrets catch up and deceit is uncovered can that love survive?

It is truly a testament to Ms. Farmer’s talent when a old fashioned western can include everything from  mail-order brides, gay best friends, dastardly-diamond stealing villains, flamboyant prostitutes, and a hero that is nothing less than average can still keep the reader believing and turning pages at a rapid rate!  While the semantics of this story should throw one into eye-rolling heaven,(and some may take exception to them) amazingly, at least for this reader, it doesn’t!   Michael’s average looks, and cow-towing personality seems understandable (albeit infuriating) and Charlotte’s innocent strength is endearing.  Ultimately making this a totally unique and refreshing bit of fun!

Ruth Lynn Ritter