The Orphan and the Duke


Basil Staunton, Duke of Darnley, is at a loss. Thrust into the position by the death of his parents and brother, Basil has no training in being a duke and even less idea of how to raise his younger twin sisters and help them with their presentation to Queen Charlotte or their coming out. With the twins and the dukedom overwhelming him, he finds assistance from Amelia Mandeville while at a dressmaker’s shop, and in her, his possible salvation. Amelia lives with her relatives and serves as an unpaid companion. She simply sought to give the Duke some advice while helping her own cousin with her coming out. Being asked to formally help the Duke’s sisters both surprises her and offers opportunities for employment. Unfortunately, not everyone is enthusiastic about Amelia helping the Duke. As things begin to heat up between them, both Basil and Amelia must decide what they want and if they will let the past hold them back.


A clean regency romance with some delightful characters and a bit of history thrown in, “The Orphan and the Duke” is a prime example of a cute fluffy romance. Although it is predictable, has a slower pace, and lacks depth, it also has some quirks (like the twins' cat) that make it fun. The romance itself simmers throughout the story, and Amelia’s family fits the wicked category which provides plenty of conflict for the reader to chew on. Overall, this is a sweet romance any fan of regency romance will enjoy.


Sarah E. Bradley