Only a Hero Will Do


Captain Grant Alexander and Elizabeth Atwell both share a common interest — King and Country first, as both are members of the Legion, a secret society. The Legion is comprised of those wanting to protect the British monarchy, and put death those, like the traitor Typhon, who would destroy it.  London society has no idea what these two will do to destroy someone like Typhon. They are perceived to be an eligible bachelor and a viscount's daughter, out for the season and searching for a husband, even though that is the last thing she wants. As their adventure throws them together, they must not only protect the realm, but also their hearts. 

A great, light read, "Only a Hero Will Do" takes readers back in time with an entertaining spin on the standard regency romance, with spies and intrigue thrown into the mix. What makes this one unique is that Elizabeth is a spy for the Legion. She is knowledgeable, sarcastic, and a fighter for her country. Grant is another spy who sees she can be an asset. He wants her to follow orders, yet feels driven to protect her.  Elizabeth and Grant are pushed together at various intervals, giving the romance a slow burn until it erupts.  They seemed distantly written into the amazing the tale of Typhon making it hard to connect to them on a deeper level.  There is no answer to the tale of Typhon either, making one wonder if the next book will have the ending.  The story is light hearted and great for a weekend away!

Laura Dinsdale