One Little Indiscretion (Singular Sensation Book 1)


Upon receiving a note from Leah Langley asking for help, Harcourt Fitzwilliam, Duke of Edenthorpe, guiltily remembers his promise to her dying brother: to keep watch over his sister—a  task he’s neglected these past ten years. Her mother’s tiara has been stolen by Lord Markham, a marquess. Retrieving and selling the tiara is the only thing which will keep her and her mother out of the poorhouse. As he has experience in thievery, Harcourt agrees to help and agrees to escort Leah to several balls to find a husband even though she really wishes to live as a spinster in the country. They must get the deed done and soon because, much to his chagrin, Harcourt is to wed Lady Sarah in a matter of days, despite Leah quietly capturing his heart. Little do they know that stealing the tiara will be a lifechanging experience for both Harcourt and Leah! 

“One Little Indiscretion” is a delightful story with more twists and turns than a labyrinth! The reader won’t guess what happens next until they turn the page. The story starts with a straightforward mission which swells into something else as the plot progresses. Murder and mayhem, revenge, deceit, and love all roll into a neat package. What seems to be a simple enough task turns into a catastrophe! Harcourt and Leah are perfect for one another, but it takes others to show them the way to their ultimate happiness. Lord Markham, the villain, is exceptionally well-drawn making the reader shudder when reading about him. A remarkable story, Ms. Sookoo has outdone herself with this first book of a new series.

Belinda Wilson