Old Sins Long Shadows


Janey Carhart was deserted by her father and resented by her mother. She was forced into service at the age of thirteen after her father’s abandonment left her and her mother destitute. In an attempt to be closer to her mother she applies for the position of Lady Brockenshaw’s lady’s maid and finds herself in a position of esteem in the household. That esteem comes with challenges. The staff does not trust her and the housekeeper resents her and fears Janey will one day become her replacement. Then, Janey catches the eye of James, Lady Brockenshaw’s son, putting her position in the house at further risk.

Daniel Kellow owns a neighboring farm, and is a bit of an outcast in the village. He and Janey do not get off on the right foot and struggle with their attraction to each other.  Janey is violated by James and left with no choice but to leave the estate. While walking to the village she is surprised by a snowstorm and almost succumbs to the cold only to be saved and taken in by Daniel. 

Ms. Hawkey writes an emotional and inspiring story of one woman’s struggles to overcome every hurdle thrown in her way. Beautifully written with a unique story and well-developed characters, readers will love reading Daniel and Janey’s story as they build a home, trust, and a patchwork family of their own. Though the slow start to the story earned it four stars instead of five, readers will not regret sticking with the story until the end.

Molly S. Daniels