Nothing But a Rake (The Ashton Park series Book 3)


Lord Michael Ashton is fighting the temptation to drink when given a glass of champagne at his elder brother’s wedding. Fearing his own weakness, Michael decides to escape to his one source of solace, the Kennet family stables. While in the stables, he hears a scream and finds Lady Clara Durham on the ground covered in mud. Michael helps Clara out of the muck and is instantly attracted to her. Unfortunately, Clara holds many secrets, including her betrothal to a duke. Michael and Clara forge a friendship and enter into a clandestine affair that could very well destroy their reputations irreparably.

What an adorable yet teary historical romantic read! The emotion-laden story is filled with strong positive feelings but also with plenty of vices, from self-destruction and cruelty to compromising forced circumstances. The contrasting situations the main protagonists find themselves in makes the plot feel a bit jumpy. The minimal backstories also cause some confusion as the story progresses. Clara, the unconventional, feisty heroine, seems to be almost an animal whisperer of cats, horses, and birds. Of course, she isn’t supposed to be adept at anything yet still she can do no wrong. Michael, the reformed and disillusioned hero, is long suffering because of his supposedly rakish behavior, but doesn’t act the libertine. In fact, readers will pity him instead of truly understanding him. However, the book is many layered and pretty intriguing and despite all the heavy issues, manages to be a satisfactory tale!

Roslynn Ernst