No Rest for the Wicked: Pirates of Britannia Connected World


Pirate Captain Dominic Greyville gets intel that the vessel Fortune is carrying treasure so valuable a Navy Rear Admiral is on the ship helping to guard the precious cargo. After defeating the Fortune, he boards the ship and puts the crew and the Rear Admiral on longboats to fend for themselves. Dominic hunts for the treasure and finds…steamer trunks of women’s dresses and two young lads cowering. He takes the lads on his ship, the Emerald Dragon, only to learn they are not lads but young ladies! One is Roberta, the Rear Admiral’s daughter, the other, Roberta’s lady’s maid, Lucy. They are given chores on board as lads for their safety. Dominic is immediately attracted to Roberta and she feels the same. He would marry her, but he is constantly on the run. The king has decreed all pirates shall be hanged. Will these star-crossed lovers find a way? 

“No Rest for the Wicked” is an enchanting, captivating tale that keeps readers engaged from the first page. Larger than life Captain Dominic Greyville is everything a pirate should be, yet has a soft heart for women. Roberta is a strong woman who knows her own mind. Together, these two are a force to be reckoned with. The plotline, although a good one, is all too familiar. There are secondary characters such as Reese and Chibbs who lack depth. Andre La Roux is well written and fully developed giving one the chills. An exciting adventure story with several unexpected plot twists to keep the reader off- kilter. A fast-paced read, “No Rest for the Wicked” is difficult to put down once started.

Belinda Wilson