The Most Wonderful Earl of the Year


For five years, Carole Hazelton has worked as a governess, desperately trying to distance herself from the scandal that rocked the ton - and her life. Alistair Forsythe has recently returned to London after a five year absence, and finds himself shocked to learn that the woman he loved and left is now working as a governess. Alistair is determined that it’s time to marry, and has set his mind on winning back the heart of the woman he never stopped loving. Should Carole give him a chance, listen to his reasons for breaking her heart, or just continue on with the new life she has built? Can Carole give her broken heart another chance at love, or did Alistair destroy any chance with her when he left her behind?

This story is full of all the hot gossip and scandalous happenings that readers have grown to expect from historical romances, while still giving the reader an enjoyable new story to dive into. The author relies on the standard scandals and gossip that seem to always happen when love and titles are involved, so there’s nothing particularly new about that aspect, but she shows us a nice pair of supporting women who care more about the happiness of the main characters than what the gossips have to say. It’s always delightful to find characters who support the main love interests for no reason other than they want them to be happy and in love. If readers are looking for a love story that reminds one that forgiveness is a big part of love, then this is definitely the right book!

Valerie Vicars