Montana Untamed: Bear Grass Springs


Annabelle Evans regrets her estrangement from her sister, Fidelia. After the death of their father, she turns up in Bear Grass Springs, Montana Territory, to surprise her sister at her wedding, only to discover there is no wedding. The supposed groom, Cailean MacKinnon, wants nothing to do with marriage. With her sister a prostitute, Annabelle finds herself in the unfortunate position of fending off men while trying to run her own business and help her sister. Cailean knows it’s not Annabelle’s fault everything was aired in public, but as he tries to help, his own fears and buried heart start warring once more. When a kiss gives the local gossips something to chat about, Cailean makes the only choice he can to salvage Annabelle’s reputation, but will it be enough for them both?

A historical western romance, “Montana Untamed” is a beautiful stand-alone tale about love and seeking trust and redemption. A sweet and clean story, the plot consists of two parts, the basic romance between Annabelle and Cailean, and the characters’ attempts to deal with past issues over trust and loss. The backgrounds for the characters are flush with details, and the situation and interactions between both main characters and their siblings provide plenty of emotion and drama to interest the reader. Although, the slow pace can drag the story a bit, the romance builds slowly but steadily, and the town of Bear Grass Springs, with its diverse cast of characters provides plenty of room for more yummy romances in the future.

Sarah E Bradley