The Missing Marquess of Althorn (Lost Lords Series)


It’s London in 1806, and Miss Jane Elizabeth Barrett is just shy of fourteen when her father determines she must immediately marry the Marquess of Althorn, Marcus Balfour. The marriage contract was created from infancy. The Marquess is so repulsed by the idea of marriage to a child he heads off to war. He wants to give them both time to grow up. His father, the Duke, is not happy. He needs the funds to fill the family coffers. Jane’s heart is broken. Her young mind imagined a love match and now he is gone, repulsed by the idea of marriage to her.

Having been imprisoned Marcus Balfour returns eight years later, a changed man. He has every intention of honoring the marriage contract now that Jane is no longer a child and they have both had time to mature. In fact, she’s grown into an attractive, curvaceous, and independent woman. He wants to win her heart if she will have him, but Jane has other plans.

Lovers of “Pride and Prejudice” will fall head first for this regency gem. While the author adds much more heat to her tale than Austen, readers will enjoy passages reminiscent of a Darcy faux pas along with Jane and Elizabeth rolled into one. A touch of intrigue adds to the mix. There are several typos and some POV issues, but they don’t overshadow a good story and this story is dashing! 

Becca Windsor