Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice


REGENCY:  Love is a fickle thing and Colin Lloyd-Jones knows this all too well. Having just broken his engagement to a less-than-faithful fianceé, Colin swears to avoid the season’s distractions at all costs. Love, of course, has other plans—plans that leave him immediately enchanted by one Elizabeth Armistead. This is all well and good, if it wasn’t for Elizabeth’s fiancé.  


Miss Armistead is weary of being pursued merely for her beauty. How is she ever to know if her suitors are sincere when their declarations are solely based on her appearance? Perhaps her choice in fiancé had something to do with the accident that left him blind? He certainly doesn’t incite the emotions a certain Colin Lloyd-Jones does. 


It’s rare indeed when an author can evoke extreme emotions. Steamy books can be found anywhere, but the ability to create passion in a sweet romance speaks to the unique talent of this author. The farewell scene in “Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice” is the stuff of which awards are created. Piles of go-to books will be pushed aside to create a space due to that scene alone! The climax to the story was a bit anti-climactic, but no one’s perfect. It hardly takes away from a novel with full-bodied characters, descriptive scenes, and heart-pounding passion. Brava Ms. Ashworth! Yours is a true gift.  


Sofia St. Angeles