Miller’s Secret


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Caroline Bennett is a sweet girl who lives a charmed life due to her father’s money and influence, but she only wants to help the less fortunate. When Miller Dreeser comes along, she’s drawn to him and, though he’s not of her social class, falls in love with him. This one youthful decision causes a ripple effect of heartache and pain that will touch the lives of many people, including an innocent single mother and a war hero. There is one sliver of hope and a chance for redemption, however. Will any of them dare take it?


Caroline is a young, insecure girl who has everything, but can’t find happiness. Miller Dreeser is a complex character with a difficult upbringing who wants more from life. The author does a great job in drawing the reader into their lives and truly showing the consequences of childhood decisions from both a poor and privileged perspective. The book’s twenty-year time span also includes another couple’s love story that intertwines with the first in a compelling way, but readers might have difficulty with the multiple perspectives. The author also skips several years ahead every few chapters, which can pull readers out of the story. In spite of that, the suspense is well-done and the romance aspect threaded throughout in such a way that they balance each other perfectly. It is an epic story of love and betrayal that will keep readers up long past bedtime to see who will win in the end.  


Kate Campbell