Meriden Park

Mary Grace was rescued as a girl in India and was raised by the Wellings in Calcutta. This half Indian half English girl has been raised as an English lady but knows her place in society as a lesser. Not a servant but not a lady, Mary Grace is caught in between two worlds belonging to none. When Mary Grace meets Robert Markham she is immediately intrigued by him and by the goings on in Sherwood Forest that borders her new home. As she explores the forest with Robert she begins to learn of Robin Hood and that this Sherwood Forest seems to have a Robin Hood of its own and a villain of its own too. Mary Grace isn’t sure who she can trust or where she belongs, but she knows she must be careful if she doesn’t want to end up one of the victims found in the forest.
This Robin Hood tale is a twist on the original with Robert a fan of the novels and a believer that Robin Hood did exist. Robert has his own band of forest men who are helping him. Mary Grace has instant chemistry with Robert and is inexplicably drawn to him. But with what she witnesses she doesn’t know if he is part of the problem in Sherwood Forest or if he is trying to be his own rebellious solution. Parts of this story are unbelievable for the time period. Mary Grace has dreams which lead her to go into the forest at night and search for supernatural beings. Rather than add to the plot these forays tend to be hard to digest. A fun fanciful read that will entertain fans of Robin Hood.
Cara Cieslak