The Matchmakers

Ruth J.

There is nothing like wearing ridiculous hats to a tea party with your mad aunt and her cat. Baldwin Rutledge needs to redirect Aunt Esthers focus. Shes determined that he marry and provide her with a great niece or nephew. It shouldnt be too hard to distract her, though - all he needs to do is convince her that her cat, Agatha, needs more friends to invite to tea.

Jessie Selkirk is the village cat woman, a title she proudly wears. But when her brothers handsome boss, Mr. Rutledge, comes looking for a companion for his aunts cat, she cant help but hope hell be interested in a match of another sort as well.

The Matchmakersis a charming, light, tale of tails. The authors fondness for feline friends brings a warmth and sentimentality to her sweet story. Because the story is focused mainly on cats and the love story, the historical element in the book is more of a background than anything else.  The love story, too, feels a little stunted. It seems to take a back seat to the story of the cats that, conversely, is rounded out and resolved. Ultimately, though, this endearing read is cozy and delightful and an absolute must for cat lovers. Especially the kind who love a sweet romance!

Sofia St. Angeles