Mary Bishop


Mary Bishop’s life has been fraught with grief as of late. Having to bury both of her children and now finding her husband Earl’s lifeless body in their barn, Mary has never felt so alone. A native Virginian, Mary is now living in Wisconsin a decade after the Civil War tore the country apart. Despite the years pushing the war into the past, this tiny town is still nursing its wounds and holds any confederates in great disdain. The folks in this town consider Mary and her family to be traitors due to where they came from, despite their secret work with the Underground Railroad. Finding a friend in widowed storeowner Mr. Polk, Mary must see if it is possible to for her heart to become whole again after suffering such trauma. 

Jane Yunker’s heart-wrenching tale of love and loss in the shadow of the Civil War is one for the ages. This novel will be a delight to any lover of this period, as the historically accurate plot will whisk the reader back in time. The characterization is absolutely sublime; readers will fall in love with Mary and her family. The reader will be so engrossed in the story that they will mirror Mary’s emotions. The pacing toward the beginning of the story is rushed, which can be disorienting with the time jumps. However, the rest of the story is redeemed with the captivating plot and magnificent characterization that occurs in this novel. Ms. Yunker’s story of heart-rending loss and newfound love is a must-add to any book lover’s shelf! 

Jen Griffin