Married to the Rogue (Season of Scandal Book 3)


Deborah Shelby returns home from the princess' court under a cloud of scandal. She is determined not to be a burden on her family, but prospects look bleak until Christopher Halland nearly runs her down on his horse. Christopher needs a wife if he wants control of his inheritance, and Deborah fits the bill. For her part, Deborah decides to be the best wife she can to support Christopher in his endeavors to open a school for the poor. With time and proximity, the two grow closer. But all is not smooth as they deal with a rogue relative accused of murder, smuggling and blackmail! Will the flicker of love that has been ignited be allowed to flame, or will it be snuffed out, eliminating any chance of happiness for them?

Mary Lancaster brilliantly continues her Season of Scandal series in which four young women tainted by scandal find love! While it is not necessary to read the previous books, it is likely that readers will want to for the sheer enjoyment of Ms. Lancaster's storytelling. Deborah is intelligent, compassionate, and honorable, a heroine to get behind. Christopher avoids the typical stereotypes of a rogue. He's aware of his flaws and his passions, and he values Deborah for the woman she is. Watching the two slowly fall in love is a joyful pleasure. The thread of mystery and suspense that weaves throughout the tale adds an additional layer of entertainment. Mary Lancaster's characters sparkle and command the page! "Married to the Rogue" casts a heartwarming spell that will captivate readers from start to finish!

Tricia Hill