Marquess of Magic (Sisterhood of Secrets – Book 3)


Disillusioned by the state of her parents’ marriage and infidelity, Diana Kendricks is perfectly happy with the prospect of living out her life in spinsterhood. That is, until she meets Lord James Barrington, known as the Marquess of Magic. James has loved magic his entire life, often using it as a shield for his emotions. When Diana returns to visit Mrs. Rutley and her friends at her former finishing/boarding school, she shares the story of hers and James’ romance. Their story includes a villainous would-be suitor for Diana, and a long-held secret for James that will threaten their chance at a happy ending.

“Marquess of Magic” is the third story in the series that shares characters who met at Mrs. Rutley’s School for Young Ladies. At Mrs. Rutley’s insistence, they return to tell their stories of romance and finding their husbands. Diana is perfectly happy thinking she’ll never marry. Her wealthy father has chosen a suitor for her but, thankfully, she sees past his polished veneer to the horrible person he is underneath. It isn’t until Diana meets Lord Barrington, that she realizes true love may actually be within her reach. James is an honorable man who’s protecting a childhood friend. Unfortunately, the secret James is hiding, as well as Diana’s reluctance to tell him about her father’s chosen suitor, leads to a lot of misunderstandings between the two characters which threatens their chance for a happily-ever-after. This story is superbly written, beautifully descriptive, with wonderful supporting characters. The extra touch of magic that James brings to the romance makes the story even more enjoyable

N.E. Kelley