Mardon (Pirate Lord Series Book 2)


Because her abusive husband destroys her reputation by forcing her to pose for a pornographic portrait, a disgraced Emmaline is banished to a convent after he is killed by pirates, and her father is too embarrassed to let her return home. Determined to regain her place in society, Emmaline escapes the convent to locate the stolen painting. As new captain of The Falcon, Mardon sets sail with his cantankerous grandmother, his constantly complaining younger brother, the beguiling yet familiar young Sister Emmaline, and an inherited treasure-seeking crew in a haphazard search for clues to a hidden treasure his father stole before his death. In a furious race to beat another pirate crew to the bounty, trying to deny his attraction to Emmaline may prove too much for Mardon to accomplish!

"Mardon" is a humorous seafaring hunt for riches filled with plundering pirates and a budding romance. The slapdash scavenger hunt for treasure is as frustrating for the reader as it is for the pirates trying to find it. The predictable romance between pirate and lady is a tepid tale with flashes of passion, conflict, and miscommunication. An ensemble of secondary characters provides the wind that keeps the story on course with laughter and family drama. Multiple villains aren't fleshed out enough to provide reason for fear or hatred, so they're mostly a distraction to both reader and The Falcon crew. The plot moves along at a steady clip with a few waves of stormy surprises. Ms. Rose manages to charter a tale of two people on a voyage of redemption and love with a comical crew of misfits that readers are sure to enjoy.

Tonya Mathenia