A Marchioness Below Stairs


REGENCY:  With the death of her husband, Isabel has no desire to ever fall in love again, let alone be married. After a meeting with an unexpected visitor, Marcus, she is even surer of this. However, when she is snowed in at a family member’s house, her relationship with Marcus turns from one of distrust to friendship. Now Isabel must learn where her heart truly lies. Is it with her freedom, an old flame, or maybe she is ready for someone new? Wherever she is going, she must decide quickly because not everybody is as they seem, and her time could be running out. 

Readers get the chance to step back into the past following along with Isabel as she tries to navigate her world. With a cast of colorful characters, surprises on every page, and a love story to die for, this book will not leave readers disappointed. However, There is the lack of plausibility when it comes to some of the characters reactions or emotions in some situations. One character finds out something rather shocking, which ultimately changes her life, however, she quickly gets over it preoccupied by other things. Moreover, with so many intriguing characters, readers will be left wishing the relationships between people were explored more giving them the chance to dive even further into the characters minds and hearts. Despite this, “A Marchioness Below Stairs” takes readers on a fun and exciting ride through romance and heartache! 

Hannah Hurdle