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WESTERN   Chasing about the west with a bunch of cow punchers is hardly the place for a lady.  Colorado in the late 1800s is rough and wild but Lady Alexandra Calthorpe can’t think of anyplace she’d rather be.  It’s been five years since she was torn from her beloved ranch to endure the London season and all it entails, but Alex has finally returned.  She loves the land, the ranch, and one puncher in particular—Jessie Makepeace. Jessie never thought he’d see Alex again but now that she’s back he can’t help but fall in love her – a fiery, independent woman willing to ride, shoot, and wrangle with the best of them.  But she’s a Lady, the niece of his boss, and an accomplished artist who couldn’t possibly need anything a ranch hand has to offer.

“Loveland” is a fantastical frontier epic!  The author does such an incredible job of immersing the reader in the old west, that they can nearly feel the grit of the dust on their face.  The characters come alive and the conflict calls for page-turning impatience.  Downing also creates a strong female character that doesn’t make the mistake of overshadowing her man.  Instead, the lovers are cheered and adored at every turn. Why I reckon this un’s a keeper!

Sandy Ponton