Love on a Train

Colleen L.

Martha Cole met the man of her dreams while on a train, but when Raymond Haynes disappears she fears her heart will break. Pouring her soul into a novel, Martha tells the story that should have been her happily ever after; much to the dismay of her parents, who are unsupportive of such a frivolous career as a romance novelist.  They encourage her to begin a relationship with David Tidwell. He is a sturdy kind of fellow with much to offer. Martha longs for Raymond and the love she knows she will never have with David. Must she sacrifice her happiness and dreams of the man from the train forever?


The dreamy, romantic quality of the story and Martha's dream man draw one in from the very beginning. Unfortunately it continues throughout the book (which is played out mostly in Martha's head), leaving the reader wondering if she is ever going to let anyone else in. Raymond's fantasy-like qualities are enchanting, but difficult to truly ever connect with in a tangible way. David is unappealing and her parents are pushy for most of the story, which quashes their likability. Martha dwells much in the past and seems to lack the fire in order to be the heroine of her own story, yet she manages to still gain some admiration from the reader. When she is ready to step into that role it makes all the difference. It’s slow to the finish with moments of repetitiveness; it’s an endearing story of love at first sight and heartbreak which are two elements that romance readers will adore.


Margaret Faria