To Love a Scottish Laird: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Catherine De Wolfe’s brother tells her that everyone is going to the Duke of Normandy and the Duchess of Aquitaine’s wedding celebration, but, in fact, he really plans to find her a husband. Laird Douglas of the Clan MacLaren of Scotland has also been invited. When Catherine arrives, she runs into Douglas and the attraction is instant between the two. The Duke betroths Catherine and Douglas just as the relationship is still new. Catherine is upset and Douglas is unsure of the marriage, especially since he is Scottish, and she is English. Still, the marriage happens. When the Duke asks Douglas for his help and to leave Catherine, he has no choice. Catherine has her own battle with Douglas’s clansmen. Will these two ever see one another again?

What an amazing historical short story that, despite its length, manages to enchant readers! The novel might be part of the de Wolfe World, yet it manages to maintain a story all its own. It moves quite quickly, and things seem a little rushed, especially the romance, but it never loses its appeal! Though it would have been nice to see a full-length book as opposed to a novella, the story is nonetheless complete. There are a few unresolved issues, but everything manages to work out anyway. The characters are nicely developed and easy to imagine. Catherine, the stubborn independent feisty heroine, is easy to like. And Douglas, the arrogant, confident hero, manages to win over not just Catherine but everyone else as well.  It’s truly a great little gem of a story that is well worth reading!

Roslynn Ernst