Love Only Me (Scandal Meets Love, Book 1)


REGENCY:  Lady Narissa is the daughter of an earl, but that doesn’t stop her from moving freely between the rich socialites and the seedier individuals of London as she wishes. In secret, she runs a female-only gaming “hell” for the ladies of the ton. Seth Blakley’s younger sister is one of these ladies. Once Seth discovers her secret, Narissa only wants him to forget what he’s seen, and her along with it. Unfortunately for her, Seth is captivated by her headstrong ways and beauty.

Amanda Mariel has created a fun historical romance that shows a side of the genre not often seen. While there are all of the usual elements of the ton and rich socialites present, there is also the underground gaming “hell” where the elite women kick back and let loose, showing more of their true character. This is what really helps the story come alive.

Seth and Narissa’s romance is one of wit and passion. Each challenges and balances the other, making their relationship a page turner. The pacing for the story is fast with little time between action and the next plot piece, which keeps the reader hooked on the story. Unfortunately, there were a few moments where the book could have used a bit more background information or character development to help explain some of the historical elements better. Overall, “Love Only Me” is a fast, romantic read that will appeal to fans of historical fiction as well as those who like strong lead characters. It’s a good start to a potentially exciting series!

Chelsea Anderson