A Love That Never Tires


EDWARDIAN:  Linley is the only child of an archaeologist and living that lifestyle is the only thing she knows - or wants. When in Morocco she meets Patrick Wolford, Marquess of Kyre, by sheer happenstance. He keeps his true identity from her, wanting to be treated as a regular person. They become friends and then they part ways. Linley attends a ball in London and Patrick is elated, because he has fallen for her. When Linley and the excavation team leave London, Patrick finds he can’t live without her, so he leaves to find her.  He catches up with the team only to be rebuffed by everyone except for Linley, who welcomes him with open arms and heart.

This is an enjoyable period piece that stays true to the times. Ms. Jeleyne addresses the suffragette movement and the world gearing up for a war. What she misses is development in her secondary characters. They tend to be flat with little personality. She makes up for this with Linley and Patrick. Linley is definitely a woman who knows her own mind and she doesn’t mind sharing it with everyone. She’s ahead of her time, but she’s also spent her life solely in the presence of men, so that’s bound to give her more progressive ideas. Patrick evolves throughout the story going from a carefree dandy to a man with a mission, and on to fight for England in World War I.

Belinda Wilson