To Love a Highland Rogue: Heart of a Scot Book 1


Mayra and Logan have been betrothed since childhood, but as an adult, Mayra is loath to marry a man she believes to be a scoundrel like his father. She writes letter after letter, pleading with Logan to dissolve the marriage contract, with no response. When she is swept off her feet by a devilishly handsome stranger, she has to hatch a plan to try to force Logan to break their betrothal. A scandal seems to be the best option, but her plans go spectacularly awry when she discovers that the stranger and her betrothed are the same man! 

The Scottish accents and slang in this book are remarkably well done and incredibly realistic. Readers will swoon just imagining the characters speaking. Unfortunately, the writing lacks any kind of depth. The audience is repeatedly told of Mayra’s wit and intelligence but are not shown any evidence or given any reason to be drawn to her other than her heaving bosom. The descriptions of the protagonists are somewhat excessive. However, it does have a wonderfully satisfying end that will bring the reader to a standing ovation and eager for the next installment.

Yannie Sorensen